Park Lighting LED Upgrade at Crestmead Park


Logan City Council


March 2024


Park Lighting LED Upgrade at Crestmead Park

We are thrilled to announce the latest project undertaken by Q Power: the Park Lighting LED Upgrade at Crestmead Park. Our team has been diligently working to provide top-quality lighting solutions to enhance the park’s ambiance, safety, and energy efficiency. Here’s an overview of the project:

Scope of Work:

Q Power was tasked with upgrading the park lighting to LED technology, replacing 49 existing light fittings in Crestmead Park. The scope of work included:

  • Removal of the existing fittings
  • Environmentally responsible disposal of the old fittings at the local recycle recovery centre
  • Supply and installation of 49 x LED Fittings
  • Supply and installation of 49 x PE Cells

Qualifications and Conditions:

Q Power ensured adherence to the highest standards throughout the project:

  • Works were carried out during normal business hours, with a commitment to safety and efficiency.
  • Pedestrian management measures were implemented to ensure safety around the work areas.
  • Disposal of old fittings was handled responsibly at the local resource recovery centre.

Project Outcome:

The successful completion of the project has resulted in:

  • Enhanced illumination and safety within Crestmead Park
  • Installation of energy-efficient LED lights for reduced environmental impact and long-term cost savings
  • Improved aesthetics and functionality of the park’s lighting system
  • Seamless project execution with minimal disruption to park activities

Contact Us:

For inquiries about our lighting solutions or to discuss your project needs, please contact us. Our team at Q Power is dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable lighting solutions tailored to your requirements.

Stay tuned for more updates on our projects as we continue to illuminate communities with Q Power.

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