Tygum Park Bridge Handrail Lighting


Logan City Council


September 2023


Tygum Park Bridge Handrail Lighting Project

The Tygum Park Bridge Handrail Lighting project aimed to enhance the bridge’s visibility and aesthetic appeal at night by integrating advanced lighting within the handrails. Drawing inspiration from Beenleigh’s iconic red bridge, the objective was to install environmentally friendly red lighting that minimises disruption to local wildlife. The customer specified the use of solar energy to power the lighting system, reflecting a commitment to sustainable and clean energy solutions. This approach aligns with broader environmental objectives by reducing the carbon footprint and promoting energy efficiency.

At Q Power, we’re thrilled to share the latest update on our recent service work at Tygum Park Bridge! Our commitment to delivering innovative lighting solutions that enhance safety, sustainability, and visual appeal is evident in this project.

Project Objectives:

  • Improve Safety and Visibility: Enhance the night-time safety and visibility of Tygum Park Bridge by incorporating robust and long-lasting lighting within the handrails.
  • Sustainable Impact: Reduce environmental impact by installing a solar-powered lighting system, promoting the use of clean, renewable energy sources.
  • Visual Appeal: Transform Tygum Park Bridge into a visually striking feature using red lighting inspired by Beenleigh’s iconic red bridge.
  • System Reliability: Ensure system reliability by utilising advanced technologies such as solar panels, energy storage in batteries, and efficient LED lighting.
  • Community Benefit: Improve community engagement with the bridge by providing a safe and attractive route, particularly during the evenings.

Scope of Work:

Our comprehensive scope of work included:

  • Site survey and coordination with local authorities
  • Installation of solar panels, controllers, batteries, and circuit protection
  • Drilling of 62 holes in existing handrails for seamless integration
  • Saw cutting and sealing for cable installation
  • Supply and installation of Unios PILOT ROUND handrail lights and Klik LEDPOD bridge lights
  • Testing and commissioning to ensure optimal performance

Project Outcomes:

The successful completion of the Tygum Park Bridge Handrail Lighting project has resulted in:

  • Enhanced safety and visibility for pedestrians crossing the bridge at night
  • Reduced environmental impact through the use of solar-powered lighting
  • A visually appealing feature that complements the surrounding environment
  • A dependable and low-maintenance lighting system
  • Improved community engagement and utilisation of the bridge as a safe and attractive route

At Q Power, we’re proud to have played a role in enhancing the ambiance and safety of Tygum Park Bridge. Stay tuned for more updates on our innovative projects as we continue to illuminate the future with Q Power.

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