Q Power Shines with Three Exciting Service Projects

Q Power Shines with Three Exciting Service Projects

Q Power is proud to announce the completion of three recent service projects, each showcasing our commitment to excellence in lighting solutions. From innovative upgrades to transformative installations, these projects highlight our dedication to enhancing safety, sustainability, and aesthetics in every community we serve.

1. Tygum Park Bridge Handrail Lighting

In collaboration with local authorities, Q Power successfully implemented a cutting-edge handrail lighting system at Tygum Park Bridge. By integrating solar-powered LED lights, we enhanced visibility and safety while minimising environmental impact. This project demonstrates our expertise in sustainable lighting solutions and our dedication to creating safer public spaces.

2. Pub Lane Handrail Lighting

Q Power tackled the challenge of lighting Pub Lane in Greenbank by leveraging existing handrail infrastructure. Our team installed handrail-mounted LED lights, providing efficient and aesthetically pleasing illumination. This project exemplifies our ability to find innovative solutions tailored to each project’s unique requirements.

3. Park Lighting LED Upgrade at Crestmead Park

Crestmead Park received a major lighting upgrade courtesy of Q Power’s LED lighting solutions. By replacing outdated fixtures with energy-efficient LEDs, we improved safety, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced the park’s nighttime ambiance. This project underscores our commitment to sustainability and our dedication to delivering superior lighting solutions.

At Q Power, we’re passionate about illuminating the future with innovative lighting solutions. Whether it’s enhancing public spaces, improving safety, or reducing environmental impact, we’re here to meet your lighting needs. Contact us today to learn more about how Q Power can brighten your community!

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