Giving back to our community

From conduits to coral reefs, we certainly work on a range of things here at Q Power!

That’s because looking after the environment and our local community is important to us – sustainability is one of our core values, after all.

So what are we doing to improve where we all live, work and play?

Well, we’re actively supporting good causes in our community where we can.

We’re proud to have contributed to Mermaid Waters Community Kindergarten, which relies on the support from local businesses like us, organisations and people to provide care and education to our younger generation.

We’ve donated to the community kindergarten because we love what they’re doing for our kids and their families, and we’re keen to see their success continue well into the future.

We’re also passionate about the health of our oceans, so we’ve been donating regularly to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, a charity that focuses on restoring and building the resilience of our precious reefs. Plus, we’ve just recently made a contribution to Sea Shepherd Australia, another non-profit organisation for marine conservation.

Last but not least, we’re always looking to improve how we do things in our own business, and have recently implemented new recycling and waste management policies that follow best practice.

If you’d like to support any of the worthy causes we’ve mentioned, please follow the links above to do so. Every contribution counts!

We’ll certainly continue to play our part.

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