New Project Alert: Project Broccoli

It is called Project Broccoli, but what does this major construction project have to do with the cruciferous vegetable?

An Australian supermarket giant is spending close to a billion dollars on two new food distribution centres; one’s being built in Sydney and the other in Redbank, 30 kilometres southwest of Brisbane.

Automation is the name of the game here. Powered mostly by advanced technology, rather than human intervention, these ultra-modern picking and packing centres are said to be 95 per cent automated. This is to improve supply chain efficiency, or, more simply, get the broccoli to the people who need it, exactly when they need it, at the lowest possible cost. (As well as other important goods, of course.)


How are we involved in Project Broccoli?

Our Brisbane team will be working closely with Superior Fences Group (SFG) to deliver heavy-duty industrial gate automation in Redbank’s new 70,000-square metre distribution centre.

Our scope involves automating industrial sliding gates, swing gates and boom gates – 16 in total – which call for complex integration with the site’s access control and truck weighbridge systems. Once the centre is up and running, these automatic gates will provide enhanced security and improved accessibility, controlling vehicles travelling in and out of the premises.

We will provide photoelectric safety sensors, in-ground vehicle detection loops and visual indicators to all automatic gates to increase operational safety and convenience.

Set to complete our part in Project Broccoli by the end of the month, we are confident that our team’s can-do attitude and dedication to quality will see us through to a satisfying finish.


Industrial gate automation - automated food distribution centre, Redbank
Construction on the state-of-the-art food distribution centre in Redbank is in progress under main contractor Richard Crookes Construction.

We are proud to work once again with the team at SFG to deliver quality automation on a ground-breaking project and look forward to seeing the result.


Q Power Industrial Gate Automation project recap:

The project: Automatic Industrial Gates for State-Of-The-Art Food Distribution Centre

Scope of our gate automation works:

  • Supply and install heavy duty industrial automation for 5 x sliding gates, 3 x dual swing gates and 8 x boom gates
  • Provide photo electric safety sensors, in-ground vehicle detection loops and visual indicators to all gates
  • Manage complex integration with the site access control system and truck weighbridge systems

Where: Redbank, Ipswich

When: March 2021

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